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(inspired by Chloe's PU thread and 5gen's ZU thread)

Welcome to the SV ZeroUsed subforum. ZU is the Other Metagame that functions as the usage-based tier right below PU. Like any subforum, the ZU forum has rules, and if you don't follow these rules at least to an extend, you are likely to receive an infraction.


The list of GLOBAL SMOGON RULES can be found here.

Additionally there are a couple more rules;
  • Always ask for permission from one of the forum moderators before making a new thread.
  • When posting in a discussion-heavy thread, such as the current metagame thread or the Viability Rankings, do your utmost best to make posts with thought-out content. Any post that is interpreted to be inappropriate for the discussion, made in jest, or posted without any thought or reason behind it is subject to moderator discretion.
  • Do not post threads for teams in this forum asking for rates. Use the RMT forum for this instead and be sure to read their rules too.
  • Do not make a thread to ask a simple question. We have a thread made for answering questions that you can find here.
The forum is overseen by its moderators. Anyone who wants to post a thread must receive permission from one of them.

Forum Moderators
Corthius (Leader)
wooper (Leader)

ZU Social

The ZeroUsed Discord has been a staple for the community and serves as a place to chat with the rest of the user base and serves as a medium for various projects such as analyses and tournaments.

We also have our very own room on Pokemon Showdown which you can find here or by simply navigating the Pokemon Showdown chat list. Our room sports a healthy environment for getting involved in the tier with a staff that's prepared to help you with any questions you may have.

ZU Tiering

As with every tier, tiering begins with the beta stage. During the beta stage, only the most blatantly overpowered elements of ZU are quickbanned by the council. Anything that is voted ban with 66% support or more will be moved into ZUBL. This process will repeat as often as needed and by the end of Beta we should have a playable metagame with the most glaring centralising forces removed. After some time, the council may begin to introduce banned Pokemon into the tier one at a time, each receiving its own suspect test. The goal is to remove problematic Pokemon as quickly as possible, but give them the chance to return later on once we have a more settled and developed metagame.

ZU Council
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